Wrought iron or Steel?

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Is wrought iron, also called forged iron, steel? The confusion arises from the fact that in the common language the word “iron” is used to refer to low strength “iron alloys”, so-called mild steels. However, it is still steel. In fact, iron in nature is always linked to other elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, chromium, nickel, etc., and, although the industry can now separate the iron making it almost 100% pure, alone cannot be worked.

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With carbon, iron forms its two best-known alloys: steel and cast iron. The steel used in the processing of wrought iron is the “soft iron” or, rather, steel with a low carbon content in a percentage not exceeding 2.06% (beyond this limit the alloy takes the name of cast iron). This makes the metal very ductile and easy to work

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The term wrought iron also refers to the single iron element, usually a rod with a round, square or rectangular section, forged by heat and hammered on the anvil by the blacksmith, until the desired element is obtained. The wrought iron can take various forms, from the simplest as a spear, a leaf, a twist, to the most elaborate as a branch of ivy, a rose, curly and various volutes.

Typical uses of wrought iron are:

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