Realisations of key-rings in damascus steel

Lavorazione acciaio damasco

The incredible technique of building Damascus steel, thanks to which it is possible to conciliate in only one blade, quality of flexibility and hardness.

This is made by alternating hard steel layers to sweet steel layers through the following process:
– A small packet of small slabs is made by alternating sweet and hard metal;
– The packet is melt together thanks to forging at a temperature of about 1250°, hammered and with mallet;
– The metal plank extends and wears thin, it retreats smelting again together  with well done forge and blows;
– The process is repeated until the number of slabs wanted (from few to thousand, based on the use it is destined);
– The plank obtained is forged into the form wanted;
– It continues to quenching: the element forged is warmed up at a certain temperature and promptly cooled down with water and oil. This process gives the steel an extreme hardness.
– Damascus work realized is polished and potentially passed through acid to evidence the characteristic veining and colors.

Here the video of our realization in Damascus. Good looking!