Who We Are

Wrought iron masters

Dante Negro and Oriana Ceschin, with their sons Lara, Elia and their son-in-low Michele, flanked by valuable collaborators with many years of experience, today look at the future faithful to the artisan tradition that has always accompanied them in their growth, with the dream of bringing the magic and elegance of wrought iron to every corner of the world.

Dante Negro, the founder of the Company, was born with the passion of ironworking, handed down by his father who built with his own hands small farm tools. At the age of twelve he began to attend wrought iron workshops to learn the technique that he than developed at home building firedogs, planters … Later, he was hired by the master and artist Toni Benetton, with whom he remained a friend all his life and thanks to whom he learned the secrets of the artistic forging of wrought iron. His great passion led him to set up his own business to start producing gates, railings, etc. for a private clientele. Today he is the ‘guide’ who inspires and gives direction to the entire company.

Oriana Ceschin, wife of Dante, since 1977 is the artistic impetus that has led to the development of the entire range of products of Dante Negro. In that year, in fact, the first company was estabilished ‘Dante Negro’ formed by her, her husband Dante and two workers. Initially, the company worked on behalf of third parties, thus encountering internationally renowned designers and architects. Thanks to the experience acquired, Oriana and Dante decided in 1989 to present their own line in the garden furniture sector with products designed one by one by Oriana who, although graduated in accountancy, demonstrates a great intuition and artistic talent. The company is, in fact, the first in the territory to insert forged iron articles in outdoor furniture and, thanks to this leadership, is able to have such a success to allow constant growth both in terms of turnover and market areas.

Lara Negro, the first of her two children in the company, has worked since 1999, the year of her diploma as a tourism expert, in the administrative and commercial sectors. Today, she is responsible for this sector and, with the help of valuable collaborators, is the reference point for all foreign customers. The turnover, in particular the export turnover, has in fact grown exponentially since 2000.

In 2010, the company received the “Marco Polo” award for having contributed with its quality products to the promotion of “Made in Italy” in the world.

Michele Cecchet, husband of Lara, joined the company in 2004, after graduating in architecture, as technical/commercial manager. Michele takes care of the drafting of the estimates with the relative drawings, of the project development and of the realization of all the works of ‘architecture’ that the company produces. In particular, his contribution has encouraged the production of winter gardens, a true passion of Michele, so that winter gardens were the subject of his University degree thesis.

Elia Negro, the second son of Oriana and Dante, joined the family business in 2009 after graduating as an electro-technical expert. Elia’s experience begins with production, inside the “heart” of the production laboratory, alongside the most experienced workers. He then becomes responsible for production and purchasing. Today, Elia is responsible for the organizational management of the company’s manufacturing team, purchasing and technology development.